Friday, December 01, 2006

Mate Pattern

Here's the crazy mate pattern from my game last night. I completely overlooked that it was a checkmate. (I suck at chess)


C. said...

The mates with lot's of free space around the king can be tricky to see. But don't worry - if a world champion can fall for a mate on the back rank, why shouldn't you?

Wahrheit said...

I'm going to put a link up to your blog, Dread Pirate Josh--sorry I hadn't gotten around to it before. Thanks for linking to me! I will put a link to one of your posts that shows your skills, as well.

DreadPirateJosh said...

Thanks wahrheit, i commented at your blog before I saw this.
FYI: I've added your other blog to my blog lines as well, it looks interesting.

Patrick said...

welcome back, you should stick around awhile.

DreadPirateJosh said...

Thanks patrick!

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Nobis said...

Yes, nice mate but not so strange.
Do you want an advice to see that mating pattern the next time?
Tactics Tactics Tactics!!!
(I suggest Laszlo Polgar 4335 chess problems, or something like that).
good blog!

Wahrheit said...

Hi--can you send me an invite to the other blog?


BlueEyedRook said...

Knight checkmates are easy to miss... don't sweat it.

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