Friday, July 07, 2006


Been a while. I'm still playing G/70 every Thursday in the club. I'm beating those lower than me and losing to those rated higher than me. The club has relatively few people that show up regularly and its a little disappointing. Also, if you're a member of a club you should seriously consider sending a thank you card to the TD and club officials because chess players are 1) Cheap and 2) insane. And this is based off a sample size of 11 people so I can imagine the kind of social misfits a larger club has.
(And no, I'm not saying all chess players are social misfits or insane... but I bet chess has a higher percentage than most hobbies. (I'm sure most of you out there would agree with me)


Temposchlucker said...

In which category do you reckon yourself?

DreadPirateJosh said...

Haha, that's easy: insane. But at least I'm very, very nice :)

DreadPirateJosh said...
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generalkaia said...

i was going to ask the same question as tempo. :)

Pale Morning Dun - Errant Knight de la Maza said...

I read an interview with Josh Waitzkin. He was talking about the games ability to warp people. He said something like, "You can walk into any chess club, and there is always a guy there who looks like a mad man."

Somehow chess creates or attracts some seriously socially deficient people. I wouldn't care if they sucked and I beat them. But the more whacked they are, the stronger they play ;)

funkyfantom said...

I only play on the internet, and rarely, lacking the free time.

I used to play in a chess club many years ago. There were so many people with a lack of social skills, (myself excluded, naturally (;-), that I feel I am not really missing much socially playing online.

-RR said...

I didn't know if you'd check back on my blog, so I'm leaving you a comment here about playing in FICS.

I'd like to play a 60 15 or something around that time ... 45 45 is good too.

Any weekend day in the evening (6pm FICS time or later) is open for me to play a game.

Drop me a comment with a date and time and I'll let you know.