Friday, June 09, 2006

game and world cup picks

It's true, Don's license plate does say 1. e4. The strangest thing is his rear license plate says 2. f4, who'd of thought he's a Kings Gambit player?

Just kidding about the f4 bit, but he does have some kick ass bumper stickers.
I lost my rated game against him last night (see his post here). I felt like I played okay, I was just outplayed. I've been having fun the past few weeks at chess club, one game a week 15 minutes from my house is a lot better than 3 games on a Sunday 125 miles from my house (one way). (Last weeks game, which I was going to post, was a draw... it was an exciting endgame for me but Fritz pretty much said the last dozen moves or so were equal so I didn't bother posting it (wouldn't be very exciting for anyone else).
After finishing Logical Chess last friday I've been kind of light on chess study, or playing. I haven't started any new games on in over 2 weeks and I don't think I will, it was taking up to much time and I was just blitzing the moves out anyway.
Even though I've slowed down on my chess study, "correspondence games," and even ICC games (0 games all week), over the board is different because its just more exciting. With that said, I plan on playing in some weekend swisses if they're semi close to my house (and don't have a friday night game... why would you have one game on Friday that starts at 8, that makes no sense).

Don't miss chessjamp's blog, its quite good.

My world cup picks:

Group A


Netherlands (tough choice here)


UNITED STATES (haha, I have to go with them but Czech Republic will probably go through)

Brazil (they will NOT win it all, I don't care what you think)
Australia (tough choice, but I have high hopes)

France (I've heard some people say otherwise, but I think this is a solid pick)


NOTE: I know absolutely nothing about soccer excpet what I've learned by playing FIFA on my pc, but its fun to pretend.


Qaundoman said...

I see you don't have Ecudor on there. They looked pretty smooth beating up on Poland the other day.

DreadPirateJosh said...

haha, ecuador. The only people who had them picked in that game were the players' mothers.

Poor U.S.A. :(

generalkaia said...

looks fairly good. i think that spain or the netherlands is going to win it all!