Monday, June 19, 2006


I lost another one last Thursday night at chess club against a 1600 player. Missed a simple little bishop fork that lost my knight for two pawns. In the ensuing engame it was B + 2 pawns vs 4 pawns and I lost it. He played well and I've yet to put it in Fritz but I bet you I had a good drawing chances.
In other news I finished out around 450 in the blogger tournament (out of 2200). With blinds at 100 /200 the person to my right raised to 1200 and short on chips I pushed all in with 10 10 (about 3000 more). Another person ended up going all in as well, never a good sign, and the original raiser called. So it was 10 10 against Q Q and A K (original raiser had AK). I didn't get lucky.
My World cup picks are doing okay, Ecuador suprised everyone. I took off work for the first US game and plan on doing it again this Thursday.

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phorku said...

I am trying to put together an U1800 team. Let me know if you are interested.

phorku / tim