Friday, November 25, 2005


Things have finally slowed down for me. (Although the new house still needs arranged, I own more books than than I know what to do with. I hate moving.)

I'm in the MFO team at and I see that there is basically two de la maza teams in the U1800 section. Should be fun.

When / if I play with fellow MDLM bloggers I will analyze my game on my blog so my opp can see what I was thinking.

I'm pretty low rated for U1800 but I think I will be fourth board pretty regularly because the person who is listed as first board for us only wants to be a sub. Plus I did well last "season."

I've been playing fritz more than online lately because I don't have high speed internet and dail up drives me crazy. Although when I do play at FICS I refuse to play blitz because of high lag times so that is good at least. (But it is hard to find a long time control game so if anybody wants to play a longer game, say 30 30 or greater, let me know.)

I still read everybody's blog when I'm at work, and it looks like everyone is doing good (especially CD).