Monday, October 24, 2005

Burn out

I killed my blog because it was taking to much time. What with the wedding, buying a house and an increased workload I had already slowed my circles work down to about 30 minutes a day and that and writing blogs was taking to much time.

Along with too much chess in to little time I got burned out so after my honeymoon I decided to take a break. I just don't see the incentive to devote hours a day only to improve from bad to semi bad. (To be really good you have to start young, which I think everyone agrees with, although with lots of hard work I'm sure one could get up to 1900 - 2000). (Side note: I think burn out hurt my fellow Richmonder as well, although I could be wrong).

Plus, and I've said this earlier, my tactics skill is as good as its going to get until I improve in other areas. I think Quandoman is right in that analysing your own games and going over other peoples games is better when you're as bad as I am (maybe not better, but equally important so you can be more well rounded). So that's what I've been doing (and still working through 1000 X mates) but at about a 1 to 2 hours a week pace (usually Saturdays) And I play games only when I can get 30 30 or better time. (or OTB rated games) I'm also burned out on blitz.

Anyway, as I say, I'm still playing chess and I hope to see some of you at FICS. I still read everyone's blog.

((My teamchess game last Friday went 77 moves and took 2.5 hours to play. It killed me, I was up two pieces at one point and almost lost because of my desire to trade queens and end the game. My tournament on the 5th is going to suck if I have to play a 3 hour game OTB... how do people do it?))